How to tie the Eldredge Knot

Posted on 04 April 2017

Tired of the same old Windsor & half-windsor knots? Maybe it's time to try something new? Next time you have a formal occasion where you really want to stand out, try the intricate Eldredge Knot.

The Eldredge Knot is one of the more difficult knots to tie, and it takes practice to tie it well. The first time I tried it, it took me 45 minutes to tie it well. Now, I can do it in less than a minute. Needless to say, if you don't know how to tie a basic tie knot, this is not the one to start out with!

The Eldredge Knot is looks noticably different from other knots - a lot of times it can be difficult to determine the difference between the standard windsor and half-windsor knots as they look fairly similar and they can look different depending on the thickness, width, and material of the tie. There's no knot quite like the Eldredge Knot and be warned, this knot will make you stand out. It's not the kind of knot to wear to a funeral.

The Eldredge knot tends to look best when warn with solid colour shirts. Also, the majority of ties are not well suited for an eldredge knot. The majority of pattern-based ties do not look good when tied this way. This includes striped ties, plaids, and ties with designs on. It looks best with a solid colour ties, ties with very faint and close patterns.

guide on how to tie eldredge knot

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