How It Works

At SharpSense, you can design, customize, and order perfectly fitted custom tailored suits and shirts online

1. Shop for Garments

Pick from our wide selection of available garments, and start to build your look.

2. Customize

Design & customize the features of your garment exactly the way you want it.

3. Take Measurements

It's easy to take your measurements. Follow the instructions and we guarantee a perfect fit!

4. Enjoy!

Our tailors will create your unique garment. It will be delivered to your doorstep in 4-5 weeks.

Why SharpSense?

When it comes to men's suits, fit is crucial. Off-the-rack suits are cookie-cutter in nature, trying to accommodate as many body types as possible. However, very few men actually fit the cookie-cutter sizes, resulting in a mediocre, or sometimes poor fit in many cases. Our Made-to-Measure Suits, which are tailored precisely to your body, ensure a great fit. Furthermore, at SharpSense you can completely customize and style your suit or shirt exactly how you want it in hundreds of different ways. Everything is made-to-order and based on your measurement profile so we NEVER make the same garment twice.

SharpSense operates entirely online. Some other companies offering custom suits often request that you come into their store first during business hours, often by appointment. Thanks to our cutting edge body imaging software, SharpSense has eliminated this step. Everything can be done online from ordering samples, to taking measurements and so forth. And everything is backed by our perfect fit guarantee.

As a Made-to-Measure clothing company, SharpSense operates very differently than the traditional menswear companies with physical retail locations and inventory who don't typically offer custom suits but rather offer off-the-rack suits and can sometimes do alterations for you if need be. We believe that if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on an item of clothing, it should fit perfectly, last a long time, and be designed exactly the way you want it. And that's exactly what we offer.

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